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Bagnolux – Descaling Cleaner for a shiny 750ml



BAGNOLUX is a ready-to-use shiny descaling detergent, formulated with substances of natural origin. BAGNOLUX effectively and quickly removes veils of limestone, water residues, stubborn dirt, soap residues, oxidations and other small encrustations. Thanks to its dual descaling and lightening action, after application, surfaces are perfectly clean and shiny. BAGNOLUX also leaves a protection on the surfaces after the treatment which, for several days, prevents the deposit of limescale residues due to the hardness of the water and has an anti-fog action. BAGNOLUX due to its formulation of natural origin is safe for the environment and for operators. BAGNOLUX is not corrosive and does not attack any type of material (in particular materials such as methacrylate or similar, crystals and painted profiles used for the construction of shower cubicles and boxes, bathtubs, whirlpools, which require the use of specific and non-aggressive detergents).



  • Its effective and absolutely delicate formulation has been studied for the daily cleaning of taps (chrome, satin, gold, bronze, brass, copper, etc.) cabins and shower cubicles, bathtubs and whirlpool, glass, sanitaryware, ceramics, tiles, etc. ... It is also excellent for cleaning and shining stainless steel (sinks, hobs...), copper, brass and all chrome surfaces. In the professional field, BAGNOLUX is suitable for use in activities subject to self-control.


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