The musical lullaby for travelling to dreamland


The Dream Theater is the musical nightlight that helps children fall asleep, as if by magic! It projects soft, colorful, animated lights on the ceiling that capture baby’s attention and help them fall asleep peacefully. The Dream Theater also plays music with a soft lullaby or nature sounds. This nightlight switches off automatically and, if “sleep mode” is activated, it will turn back on by itself if children cry!


Animated projections 
The Dream Theater lights up and projects pretty,

colorful images on its walls, like the carrousels of yesteryear.

In addition, this musical nightlight projects beautiful colorful lights

on the ceiling that move and captivate baby

by helping them fall asleep peacefully.

Musical nightlight 
2 music choices: a soft lullaby or soothing nature sounds.





Auto shutdown 
The Dream Theater stops by itself after 45 minutes.




Sleep mode 
The "sleep mode" option allows the Enchanted Riding

School to reactivate automatically if children cry.

  • Dimensions : 20 x 16 cm / 420 g
  • Ne chauffe pas (LED froide éco-consommation)
  • Sur secteur (transformateur TBT inclus)
  • Pour un usage dès la naissance par les parents (CE 36m+ )
  • Garantie 2 ans
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