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Do battle with R.E.V.! These Robotic Enhanced Vehicles use BeaconSense Technology to track their opponent. R.E.V. combines speed and combat to create a real racing battle experience. Each pack includes 2 vehicles that are controlled by the FREE downloadable app. Take control of one to fight against the other A.I. car. Introduce more cars and players to the game and battle against each other in the different multi level app games. Each car requires 4x AA batteries, not included.

Multiplayer Mode

  • Play against multiple cars at once.
  • These cars can be human or AI controlled cars .
  • Game modes can be team or individually based.
  • Capture the Flag, Team Battles, Free-for-alls and more.

Single Player Mode

  • Run through a gauntlet of AI Drivers and Bosses.
  • Each AI opponent has a different skill set, weapon, and special move.
  • Defeat the AI to unlock those weapons and special moves to integrate them into your player profile.
  • Earn kill streaks and rewards like EMPs, Air Strikes, Land Mines and more!

Robotic Enhanced Vehicles built for Battle

  • REVs can drive, think, and fight all by themselves.
  • Can handle most surfaces (carpet, hardwood, tile).
  • Includes 2 Cars and 2 Ways to Play: 
  • - Battle vs. A.I. CPU
  • - Battle vs. Friends
  • Limitless App-Based Gameplay (iOS and Android)

Quick Play

  • Take on an AI or Human opponent in a quick play mini battle.


  • Take control of the power of R.E.V. with the free R.E.V. App. 
  • Download the App to your device and link it with a R.E.V. vehicle to play and compete in real-world battles and challenges.

Device Pairing

  • Linking your device with a R.E.V. vehicle is easy! No codes, no passwords – just open the R.E.V. App and hold your device above the R.E.V. you want to control. The only thing faster is R.E.V. itself.

Self Driving

  • When controlled by its Artificial Intelligence (A.I.), R.E.V. thinks for itself, driving and fighting to win.

Situational Awareness

  • R.E.V. vehicles know where they are in relation to each other. BeaconSense Technology enables R.E.V.s to track each other from up to 5 meters away.

Real Time Tracking & Planning

  • R.E.V. tracks the status and location of other R.E.V. vehicles in real time, so its Artificial Intelligence continuously adjusts its tactics. When damaged, it’ll flee until it can heal. When you’re damaged, it’ll zero in for the kill.

Simulated Damage Vehicle Physics

  • R.E.V. vehicles mimic real-world physics. If a vehicle takes a hit, it will react and handle as if the impact was real. If hit from behind, it’ll lunge forward. If hit from the side, it’ll veer off course. Vehicular combat has never felt more real.


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  • REV set includes two cars; pick the car you want to control with your smart device
  • In single player mode, battle a series of A.I. Characters that can drive, think and fight all by themselves.
  • In multiplayer mode, play against multiple human- or A.I.-controlled cars at once. Up to 16 different players can enter the game! Choose from different modes such as team battles or free-for-alls.
  • REV vehicles track the status and location of other REV vehicles and adjust their tactics in real time.
  • Handle most surfaces, including carpet, hardwood and tile
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