ALECTO BW-512 CAR Bottle warmer


Bottle warmer car, quickly warm, also at home

  • Alecto Baby BW-512 CAR Bottle warmer for at home and on the road
  • Very fast heating (power 500W via 230V, 100W via 12V)
  • With 12V car adapter for on the go
  • Available in the color white

What is the BW-512 CAR bottle warmer car?

  • With this bottle warmer you can serve your child a wonderfully warm bottle or jar, both at home and on the road. Babies and toddlers also change their eating rhythm in the different growth phases. Are you in the car and getting a little hungry? Then you use the 12V car adapter for evenly and smoothly heating a baby snack or bottle. Of course you can use this bottle warmer not only in the car, but also at home. The device works even faster there.

How does this car bottle warmer work?

  • The bottle warmer is very easy to operate. Put the plug in the socket at home (230V) or in the car (12V), make sure there is enough water at the bottom of the bottle warmer, select the desired position and place the bottle or jar in it. To heat up a jar, set the bottle warmer to setting three. If you want to heat up milk, you can use all three settings:
  1. Position 1: heating up is gradual. This is also the keep warm setting, if you do not give the bottle to the baby immediately.
  2. Setting 2: heating up is about twice as fast as setting 1.
  3. Position 3: you can use this if you are in a hurry to get the bottle warm. The water in which you heat the bottle gets really hot at this setting, so be careful when you take the bottle out of the bottle warmer.

What do I pay attention to with a bottle warmer car?

  • At Alecto Baby we develop products that make the daily life of young parents and their babies easier, safer and more fun. This bottle warmer, for example, heats food and milk quickly and evenly. You don't have to do anything for that, except wait a few minutes. This way you can calm your little one in the meantime and tell them that dinner is almost ready.
  • The even heating ensures that the milk or baby food is equally warm everywhere. Because cold is not tasty and too warm is not safe. Moreover, this bottle warmer car will not boil dry, thanks to the built-in boil-dry protection.  

How do I choose a bottle warmer car?

This bottle warmer car has all the features you would expect from a bottle warmer:

  • Very fast heating.
  • 12V car adapter for on the go.
  • Gradual and even heating.
  • Vitamins and nutrients are retained.
  • The spacious reservoir offers space for all common bottle sizes and jars.
  • BPA free


  1. Power supply: 220-240V AC, 50Hz
  2. Heating time (50ml to 37 ° C): 150 ml milk from 10 to 35 ° C: 6 min
  3. Power (W):  230 V, 500 Watt - 12 V, 100 Watt
  4. Adjustable temperature:  Yes
  5. Temperature display:  No
  6. Automatic shutdown: No
  7. BPA free: No
  8. Display :No
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