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ROLINE USB Type C Measurement Instrument with Display



This meter allows you to determine the power quality between your USB Type C sockets. 
Voltage and current are measured simultaneously.
Simply connect the meter between your Macbook/notebook and the power supply and read off the charging current - ideal for quick testing of power supplies, sockets and cables!

  • The optimal solution for monitoring the power supply of your USB Type C ports
  • With the USB Type C meter you can measure voltage and current of the compatible USB Type C ports.
  • Also for measuring USB Type C laptops or smartphones.
  • Compact design, with bright, clear display for easy reading of the measured values
  • Display of the values in volts, amps and mAh
  • Indication of the current direction during charging process
  • Passthrough charging functionality: the meter monitors power consumption and simultaneously charges your USB Type C device.
  • Bypass of all USB data (Version 1.1 to 3.1 Gen 2): data running over the cable route is not disturbed.
  • Without affecting the normal USB operation, also with USB Type C alternate mode - Video and USB Type C charging process 
  • Maximum voltage and current range: 20V 5A
  • voltage and current measurement accuracy +/- 5%.
  • Power consumption 5V / 30mA
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